Webinar: AWS Managed Service Provider Solutions

Learn About RightBrain's AWS MSP Solutions

Getting to the cloud is considered a huge step forward for many organizations. On paper, it's supposed to make support more manageable and reduce infrastructure support costs. The reality for some teams is the move to the cloud has made costs or internal support efforts increase considerably. Cloud experts are increasingly harder to find and expensive to hire, only exacerbating the problem. The ones on staff are often underutilized, maintaining cloud infrastructure instead of helping build revenue-generating solutions. 

RightBrain's AWS MSP service provides its customers with the ability to reduce overhead costs while optimizing AWS security, reliability, and optimization at a fraction of the cost of handling 100% internally. On average RBN's AWS MSP solutions can reduce internal AWS support costs by more than 50%!  

On November 7th at 2pm (EST), RBN will be hosting a short webinar. During the webinar, RBN will discuss the advantages from both a business and a technical perspective of leveraging RBN's AWS MSP Solutions.

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Webinar Topics Include:

  • Advantages of Using AWS MSP Services
    • Increased AWS Security, Reliability, & Optimization
    • Lowering Internal AWS Overhead Costs
    • Use Cases
  • RBN AWS MSP Services
    • RBN Cloud Development Lifecycle
    • Services Included
    • 3rd Party Certification and Audits
    • On-Boarding & Support Process
  • Questions & Answers

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About RightBrain Networks
RightBrain is a 100% U.S. based, end-to-end Cloud Development Lifecycle® (CDLC) company. We build cloud applications from the ground up or evolve legacy applications and processes into well-architected SaaS solutions. Our developers, architects, and DevOps experts are innovation catalysts, helping clients transform the way they bring products to market. Building awesome is in our source code.

RBN is an accredited AWS MSP provider (one of the first six globally), as such RBN complies with the AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP) Partner Program validation guidelines. RBN submits to a yearly third-party audit of its MSP practice to ensure AWS best practices are being utilized.

Program requirements and detailed compliance criteria can be found here.













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